Vector Mod APK Download v1.2.1 (Unlimited Money) 2022

We mentioned the parkour sport here because the Vector MOD Apk publisher Nekki made this game by getting inspired by the parkour sport. It is an endless running game. You have to pass through many obstacles, unlock new skills, and use different techniques like the subway surfers game.

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In this article, I will explain about Vector MOD Apk game. Parkour is a great skill. Its learning needs some technique and skills. For parkour athletes, a special type of shoes and gloves are available. You need to wear a perfect T-shirt, comfortable pants, a pair of parkour shoes pair, and gloves. By taking the necessary training, you will become a great parkour athlete in a short period.

But keep in mind it is not a safe and straightforward sport, or it is not like football and cricket that you can play on the ground. The chance in this sport is very high while it is also a dangerous sport. Some military techniques drive this sport.

Story Of Vector Mod Apk

The story of this game is about an employee of a mysterious company. You are a pressurized employee. After a burden of pressure from your company and boss, you feel disappointed and can’t bear that anymore. 

At last, you angrily take off your office shirts, blow out all the boss paper that he gives you for work and jump down from the 30 floors of the building by breaking its window.

By chance, and because of your luck, you have super parkour skills. Now you try to run quickly, passing through the big rooftops of companies and houses in the city. In case if the security staff catches you, they will punish you by giving you electric shocks.


The vector is similar to the parkour version of shadow fight. The main character of the game is in black shadow that makes the game more mysterious.  However, the best thing about this game is that it has only 2D graphics, but the character movements are real, skillful, and flexible, just like an actor’s movement in action movies. The movements and jumping of the players are so real that they make the game exciting and enjoyable. 

Unlocking of new skills

The second feature of this also makes it similar to the shadow fight is the collection of gold. To increase your energy and appeal in the game, you have to collect gold. You can use this gold to unlock new skills for every upgraded level. 

You can not automatically use these skills, yet you have to control the game combo in the right way. So, You can make this game more exciting and energetic by collecting more gold and unlocking new skills.

Game Controls 

The control of this game is as easy as pie. You can control your moves by the below-mentioned actions.

  • For jumping, swipe up once 
  • For double jumps, swipe up twice in a row.
  • To lie, swipe down
  • When you encounter high obstacles, slide in the right direction.
  • When you meet the acceleration areas, swipe up in the right direction for acceleration. You have to swipe in the right direction because the security personnel also have the acceleration ability in these areas.

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Game mode 

There are two modes in this game: one is a story, and the second one is hunter mode. All the game is hunting between the security officers and company employees. The fantastic thing about this game is that both the employee and security officers have excellent parkour skills. 

In the story mode, you are the frustrated office employee. Your task is simple just to runaways from the security staff. For that purpose, you have to pass through different types of obstacles, jump, run, climb, and roll to pass the finish line. 

 The hunter mode is the best mode in this game. If you are tired of running, you can also act as a security officer using the hunter mode. This mode gives you a security officer uniform, and you can perform your parkour skills smoothly in the heavy security officer uniform.

Overview of game

The vector is a game where you can play all the basic content in just a few hours. But once you play the game, its graphics and real parkour action will make you addicted to this game. Now to play the more level of this game, you have to unlock new levels and collect some stars to increase your energy and worth. To pass every stage, you have to learn a new skill to pass the stage obstacles. Every time you feel, you will become more frustrated and play the game again and again.

Vector MOD APK Version

The benefit of the vector mod apk version is that it gives you a huge amount of money. By using this money, you can unlock special features and tools in this game.

Download Vector MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

Now you can download the vector mod apk version for android just with a single click. Click the button below and enjoy the game.


Download the fantastic vector mod apk and get a large amount of money for your power gameplay. By playing this game one time, you will become addicted to it, so enjoy its special features. If you have any queries related to this vector mod apk you can freely ask us in the comment section. Besides this, don’t forget to share the article with your gamer’s friends.

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