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Are you tired of a hectic routine and continuously missing your favorite TV shows due to work? Or you have to fight for the remote with your siblings to watch your desired show. Sometimes it happens that when all family members are sitting together and watching the TV, everyone’s choice may vary from each other. In this case, you may have to miss your favorite TV show. But don’t worry, we have the solution to this problem. You only need to install the Unlockmytv Apk on your pc or smartphone. So, the tv is in your hands now.

Unlockmytv Apk Download 2021

You can watch any Tv show without any interruption. In this application, there are thousands of famous TV shows available. Suppose you miss any streaming due to some reason. You don’t need to worry. You can watch them later when you are free on your phone by using this awesome application.

Moreover, the best thing here is that you don’t want to see commercials and other annoying ads popping up on the screen while watching any program because this app is ads-free.

Further, if you have a slow internet problem, no issue! This app is compatible with slow-speed internet.

You can also download the movies and shows if you want to watch them later.

Moreover, this app is 100% free of cost. And the quality of the videos in it is stunning. You don’t have to switch between different channels to watch different content. All the famous shows are available in one place for your convenience.

There are many other excellent features present in this application. That’s why people love to watch TV programs in the UnlockMyTv apk app.

Key Features Of Unlockmytv Apk:

Let’s have a look at the awesome features of this streaming app:

Simple User Interface

The UI of this application is pretty much simple. All the content is separated category-wise like on other famous apps Netflix and amazon etc. For example, movies, TV shows, seasons, kids’ shows, cartoons, animated shows, and other stuff are placed in different tabs. In this way, things do not get mixed. So, you can easily click on the content which you want to watch.


The key thing about this app is that there are no ads in it. Yes! You heard, right. No ads at all. Because it is so irritating when you are watching any content and suddenly an ad popup on the screen, this unnecessary interruption spoils all the enjoyment. However, here you are, free from this worry. So, keep watching your favorite shows without any interruption.

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This awesome has the feature to turn on subtitles. You can turn on subtitles for anything you are watching. You can also customize the font color or size etc., of the subtitle text. So, you can easily understand what you are listening to and watching. Isn’t it awesome?

Supports Multiple Devices

Let me explain another unique feature of this application. This is not only meant for your smartphone. You can download and install this streaming app on your PC and firestick as well. Because this application also supports all these devices along with phones.

Compatible With Four Media Players

There are four types of media players available in the UnlockMyTv apk app. One of them is the UnlockMyTv player, which is the default media player of this application. The rest three are VLC, EXO, and MX media player. However, you can select any of them.


It is so annoying if you have to click on the Next button, again and again, to play the next episode from the series. This app allows you to enable the auto-play feature. So, you don’t need to click on the Next button. It will automatically play what comes next.

Integrated With Real Debrid And Trakt

With the help of trakt, you can keep you can play the shows and movies exactly from where you have left them. You can also bookmark your favorite tabs. Moreover, you can integrate your real debrid account to get fast links of content with CDN’s help.

Final Words

We have introduced this best Tv streaming app. If you face any difficulty downloading or installing this app. please don’t forget to reach us! We will feel happy to help you in every possible way. Moreover, the download link is available below. Click on it and install this awesome application quickly.


Is it safe to use this app?

Ans: Yes, this app is legal and safe to use.

Is it free?

Ans: UnlockMyTv Apk is a free app. You can enjoy its splendid features without any investment.

Can we enable subtitles in this app?

Ans: Yes, this app allows you to enable subtitles whenever you need them.

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