Traffic Tour MOD APK Download v1.5.5 [Updated] 2022

Traffic Tour MOD Apk is the best source of joy for racing games fans. This game will take your gaming experience to another entertainment level if you love to ride and drive through busy roads and traffic junctions. 

You will surely enjoy it while playing this real racing game. This app has incredible features. There are attractive graphics. Car simulation looks realistic. So, when you sit in the car driving, you will feel like you are driving in a real car.

Moreover, you will have the chance to get unlimited money and diamonds. You can buy premium items with the help of that money. But wait! It’s not ending here. This game has plenty of exciting features. So, read the entire article to know more about this game. 

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Traffic Tour MOD APK Features

A question may arise in your mind that when this game is available in the play store, why are you here to download it. Let me answer this question. The app in the play store has many features locked, and you have to pay for them. If you have to reach pro levels then you can use those features. But this is a mod version. So, it has all features unlocked. It has unlimited money and gold. All cars are unlocked in the mod version and many more features.

That’s the reason that you should choose to play a mod version of this game. Please scroll down to have a look at its features.

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Traffic Tour Mod APK – Unlimited Money, Unlock All Cars:

Multiple Languages

This mod version contains more than one language. So, if you are not a native English speaker, you can select the language of your choice, then it will be easy for you to understand the game. Moreover, in its latest version, there is an addition to the Indian language. Go ahead, download this multi-featured game and have fun!

Unlimited Money – Latest Version

There are hundreds of chances to get unlimited money. If you drive at high speed, you will earn money and coins. Moreover, if you can drive your vehicle in the opposite direction safely, you can get extra cash and diamonds.

Multiple Camera Modes

In this game, you will see multiple camera modes, which will help you accomplish your missions. These are first-person, driver camera, third person, and much more. This is the best feature of the Traffic tour mod apk.

Free Blueprints 

At different stages of the game, you will see blueprints. Touch the blueprints to get new varieties of cars unlocked. These blueprints consist of worth seeing vehicles. So, don’t miss the chance to touch the blueprint whenever you see it on your playing screen.

No Interruption

The most noticeable thing about this version is that it’s ad-free. So, when you are playing this game, you will not be interrupted by google ads. No ads will be popping up on your phone screen. So, nothing can interrupt your thrilling race journey.

No Refueling

In this version, your vehicle will have unlimited fuel. So, you are free from the worry of refilling the energy. You can continue your journey as long as you can without refueling again and again.

Environment Variations

There are five different environments available—Desert, rain, snow, highway, and day & night variations. You can select any of them as per your own choice. These incredible environments will never let you be bored. If you choose the night mode, you can get more cash.

Multiple Varieties Of Vehicles 

Here you can see 20+ different varieties of cars. All the vehicles are unlocked in the mod version. Besides cars, there are many other vehicles also—for example, buses, trucks, vans, etc.

However, you have also the choice to customize the look of your car. You can pick the car color which you want, or you can design the wheels.

Earned money can be spent to buy gadgets from the store for the customization of your car. Moreover, you can improve the controls of your vehicle like handling and braking, etc.

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Five Playing Modes Of Traffic Tour MOD APK

 There are five playing modes in this Traffic tour mod apk game—endless, career, free run, time trial, and multiplayer. There are 100+ missions in the career mode. This is not a much challenging mode to play. 

If you want to play challenging levels, then you can select multiplayer mode. In time trial mode, you have to play according to the time given in a specific mission. Moreover, if you select the free run, the tasks are not many challenging levels.

In Endless mode, you can drive your car while being relaxed. So, there are many ways of enjoyment for you.


What’s new in the mod version of traffic tour?

Ans: This version is ads-free. So, you can continue your game without any interruption.

How much space does this app require on your phone?

Ans: This app does not require much space on your phone because it is of a small size.

How to download and install this game?

Ans: You can download this game from the link that we have shared. Moreover, the installation process is the same as other apps. However, if you face any difficulty you can refer to our “how to install” article.

Which devices this game supports?

Ans: This game supports IOS, Android devices.

Final Thoughts

Here we are summarizing our discussion. You can download and install this game on your phone from the given link. Also, don’t forget to share this exciting game with your friends and folks. If you are facing any issue in any aspect, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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