Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk Download v1.71 (Unlimited Money)

Are you a lover of karate games? If yes, then surely you will love this game! Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk is a game that lets you showcase your karate skills. Over 1 million people have downloaded this game from the Google Play Store, thanks to ODAAT Studio. There are many great simulation games available today. Fun, easy, and popular, these games are a blast! Simulating a single topic can be especially stimulating if you make it fun. Play a game in which all you have to do is use your hand to smash everything. It’s absurdly awesome, isn’t it?

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Download Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Despite its absurdity, Tap Tap Breaking is perfect for that. Tap everything to play this game. There’s nothing more ridiculously fun than utilizing the karate chop in this game. The following information will wipe off your curiosity! Prepare yourself to experience the thrill of a karate chop first-hand if you’ve always been curious about this technique. Tap Tap Breaking is a game in which you try to break various objects! This game features a dazzling variety of objects, from the most popular wood and bricks to the most bizarre diamonds, moons, and suns. 

Your eyes will be drawn to the graphics, which will remind you of anime shows. It has well-animated scenes and what you will break. You’ll be able to display your best skills overall in this game! Upgrade your strength and display your talents. You can only accomplish those amazing feats! Do you have what it takes?


Some idle games feature gameplay similar to Tap Tap Breaking, such as Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium and Idle Miner Tycoon. The game involves repeatedly tapping on the screen to break objects and upgrading the character to make him stronger and more durable. The amount of coins he receives corresponds to the amount of damage he does to objects using his hands. He will also suffer a reduction in health as a result. The sore arm is not something he can continue with when his health is zero. Breaks are necessary for recovery.

Critical Power can be found beneath the health bar. Characters who break objects gain more attack points. As that bar fills up, the character becomes invincible, showing no signs of decay in their health and increasing their destructive power.

Features of Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk

Here are some unique and running features for you

Break Items

In Tap Tap Breaking, you start with thin boards in training mode. The more wood you break and the stronger you become, the more objects you will unlock. There could even be planets and the sun among the rocks, dragon balls, a rocky mountain, and more! What can you accomplish with a human arm?

Character Upgradation

If players hope to have a better experience, they need to attain a perfect balance in Tap Tap Breaking. Seeing the character’s attributes in the upgrade section, you will find that he has several attributes, such as strength, health, and recovery speed. Whenever you break one of those items, they share a close bond. If you only upgrade the Power without paying attention to the health recovery speed, your experience will be badly affected. 

The character can make only a few attacks before being severely injured and taking time to recover. The character will soon fall into the same situation if the speed of recovery is increased without the health being upgraded. Additionally, critical Power should be considered. X2 normal Power is the default setting. After you upgrade it, this number may jump by x3, x4, and even x5.

Game Modes

Tap Tap Breaking can be played in three ways. In the gameplay, I mentioned that the default mode is training mode. It is an endless journey, but the level of challenge isn’t equal to the Challenge mode. A large number of small stages appear in that mode. Breaking one kind of object consists of every stage. 

You will receive a reward after passing all 10 rounds, and you will move on to the next stage if you pass all ten rounds. We will transform thick objects into thin ones, replacing thin boards with solid ones. The mode is limited in time, and if you fail, you have a minute to try again. You will need to prepare more carefully in this mode.

Last but not least, Golden Bar, this mode is only available while the character is experiencing Critical Power Time. Each cut brings a lot of bonuses, so try to cut as quickly as you can.

Excellent Graphics

Featuring 2D graphics with vibrant colors, Tap Tap Breaking is a fun game. Despite being quite simple, the colors are created in detail, as well as the emotional effects. There is also fun background music and sounds emitted when the character tries to break an object with his hands.

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What’s new in Mod Apk?

The MOD APK version gives you unlimited money, with which you can freely upgrade the character’s strength indicators. Therefore, he will be able to smash more solid objects and go further in the game to unlock more ultimate objects.


Is Tap Tap Breaking available for mobile devices?

Ans: You can now play The Tap Tap Breaking mod apk on your phone and PC as well as your phone. 

Where can I get the mod for this game?

Ans: Downloading this fantastic game is as easy as clicking the button below.


ODAAT has provided another perspective about the mobile game. The experience offered by Tap Tap Breaking can completely replace role-playing or shooting games with sharp 3D graphics. There will be moments of fun in the simple yet addictive gameplay. Play Tap Tap Breaking now and crumble the strongest materials in the universe!

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