State Of Survival MOD APK Download v1.11.22 (Premium Features)

If you love action games and also good at making strategies, then the State Of Survival MOD APK is best for you. It is an action game in which you can see plenty of exciting features. In this game, you have to build up your team to fight against the zombies. You will have to make strategies to guide your army and will monitor all their activities.

State Of Survival Mod Apk Download

As a team leader, you will help them in every critical condition and take care of their food, etc. there are plenty of things that can help to accomplish the missions. But in the original version, many features are locked for newbies. However, in the mod version, all premium features are unlocked at the beginning.

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Features Of State Of Survival MOD APK

Let’s have a sharp glance at the unique features of the state of survival mod apk.

Unlocked VIP store

If you look into the original version of this game, you will see a VIP store containing premium items. But it is only opened for pro players. As a beginner, you are not able to purchase any item from this store.

But that is not the case in the mod version. This cracked version enabled you to use any items from the store even from the start of your gaming journey. Isn’t it cool?

Unlimited Weapons

When you and your team are ready to take over the monsters, weapons are the key thing that you will need. In its original version, there is a limited number of weapons available at specific stages of the game.

But in the mod version, you can get unlimited weapons and bullets. So, nothing can restrict you to achieve your goal. You can move forward without any interruption.

3D Graphics

The 3D graphics in this game are mesmerizing. You will ultimately be lost in its real environment. The view of this game is so addictive. However, many characters will help you to destroy the zombies and their shelters. All the characters like MIKE, CHEF, WOLFE, MADDIE, RUSSTY, and GHOST look so realistic.

In short, you will never be bored while playing this fantastic game.


Stamina is a crucial part of this game. Because when your team members fight with your enemies, they need their energy full. In the original version, stamina decreases as any character fights with zombies. But don’t worry! Here you will have the feature of unlimited stamina to perform your tasks in the flow.

Free Food

If you want your characters to stay energetic and active, then you should have enough food for them. You can plant trees in free space to grow food. There is a limited stock of food in the regular version. But in the mod app, unlimited food is available for your team members.

So, you can save your nation from the attack of zombies without any interruption.

Free Biocaps

The currency of this game comes in Biocaps form. You can spend Biocaps to purchase items of your need. In the mod version, you can get unlimited Biocaps. So, you can have access to all stuff.

Instantly complete Missions

In the mod app, you have the choice to accomplish troops’ training, research, and construction tasks all at once. This is one of the best features of this game.

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Download State of Survival Mod Apk


Now I am going to guide you on what is the best way to play this game efficiently. As the name of this game shows that you have to make strategies and plans to save the survivors from the zombie’s attack.  Here are some steps which can help you to understand the gameplay.

Make Strategies

First of all, you have to make strategies on how can you shoot the zombies. It will be best if you have a plan to assign positions to your characters. So, they can handle all visible or hidden enemies. As long as you survive in the game and complete the missions, you will reach higher levels.

Save Survivors

You are responsible for the safety of the survivors so, device a solid plan to the given shelter to survivors.  As much as you can rescue survivors, you will become stronger.

Control The Zombies

Zombies are great in number. Moreover, they are increasing rapidly. You must be aware of how can you stop them. In this regard, figure out the locations of zombies and shoot them. Because if you control the invasion by zombies, you can protect your nation.


The majority is authority. So, it is the best approach to make your desired empire to tackle the situation. When forces are joined, they can have more power to fight with enemies. So, it is an advantage for you if you unite characters.

Final verdict

We have tried our best to discuss all aspects of this fascinating game. However, if you face any difficulty, do not hesitate to approach us!


What’s new in the mod version?

Ans: In the mod version, all the premium features are unlocked. Moreover, this is an ad-free version. You can get unlimited everything here.

What does Biocaps mean?

Ans: The currency in this game is called Biocaps. In the state of survival mod apk, you can get unlimited Biocaps.

How to download the mod version?

Ans: You can download the mod version of this game from the link that we have shared.

Is it free?

Ans: This game is 100% free. You don’t need to spend a penny on it.

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