Sling Kong Mod Apk 3.25.13 (Coins/Unlocked)

Playing Sling Kong mod Apk keeps you entertained as you play with cute animals that live in the game. This game is best for those who rush forward and grab every opportunity. 

Featuring an exciting gameplay experience and many innovative elements to enhance your mobile gaming experiences, you can all enjoy this new title by Protostar.

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Sling Kong Mod Apk Unlocked

When you want to relax or have fun, play arcade on your mobile device and discover how addictive and fun it can be. The epic slingshot adventures will allow you to sling and bounce your attractive Kong along with his animal friends. Challenge your friends to become the best King Slinger by overcoming many obstacles.

We will discuss the story before exploring the in-depth features of the Sling Kong Mod Apk. 


The game’s goal is to help our adorable Kong reach the forest’s highest point by constantly throwing himself up and bouncing through the platforms. As you continue to grow, you need to overcome many obstacles and challenges. 

 The game will be a lot more fun and exciting if you reach your highest levels, unlocking plenty of exciting rewards. However, you will never go further if you keep climbing until the top is reached.

 You will be kept actively engaged in the game by Sling Kong’s escalating challenges. You can also take them on exciting adventures in the forest as you unlock other compelling characters. Make the climb more enjoyable by working with various in-game elements.

Features Of Sling Kong Mod Apk

The game offers the following appealing features.

Easy To Play

Gamers on Android can start by playing casual arcade games in Sling Kong, which are simple and easy to learn. To bounce over obstacles and traps, all you have to do is pull and release the controller to trigger your character’s bouncing movements. Your little Kong and his friends will be able to move seamlessly if you plan the directions and the release times carefully.

Numerous In-Game Challenges

Despite its repetitive elements, Sling Kong’s exciting gameplay will always keep you engaged. The reason for this lies in the large number of obstacles and traps that you face along the way. You will also play this fantastic mobile game freely because the character movements and the in-game controls are dynamic. It is your decision how to enjoy the thrilling jungle climbs.

Multiple Forest Characters

With Sling Kong on Android, gamers can choose from 140 different characters, each with their unique look and expression, to enjoy their ultimate slingshot adventure. In addition, you can climb the jungle with a Pig, Chimp, Jellyfish, and more to make the game more exciting. Thus, the gameplay will become more dynamic and fun.

Customize Kong Character

You can also customize your own Kong character with images of family, friends, or yourself, which is especially useful for those who enjoy personalized gameplay. The game Sling Kong allows you to create thousands of interesting Kong combinations by dressing them up with unique accessories. You can take them to your Kong adventures at any time.

Awesome Graphics & Sound

Sling Kong’s intuitive and refreshing visual elements allow Android gamers to quickly dive into the exciting gameplay of casual arcades. The game features realistic bouncing physics and dynamic in-game animations, as well as interesting characters. In-game experiences will keep you hooked for a very long time.

A lot of the action in Sling Kong is created by the thrilling sound effects and the engrossing soundtracks. You will enjoy the in-game audio as you freely bounce yourself up and above.

Play Online With Friends

Connecting to social media networks will allow players of Sling Kong to find new challenges in the online world. First, find out who else is playing the game so you can challenge them to the highest score in your endless jungle climbs. Then, defeat them in the leaderboard challenges for bragging rights.

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Offline Supported

As a bonus, even if you don’t have Internet access, you can still play the game. Whenever you like, you can enjoy all the fun flight adventures. No Wi-Fi hotspot is necessary, and no mobile data is needed.

Get Rewards From LuckySpin 

Android gamers can unlock several exciting prizes through a lucky spin by being relatively active within the game. In addition, while playing the game, you’ll easily be able to grab some great tips because of the staking rewards.

 No Fee

Sling Kong gamers can now enjoy their favorite arcade game without any problems despite all the exciting in-game features. No payment is necessary to enjoy the many in-game features, and you can pick it up on the Google Play Store.


Android gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy slingshot adventure games here in Sling Kong, which offers a simple and accessible interface. First, select a few of your favorite characters from a variety of unique appearances. Then, climb the jungle and engage yourself in endless fun. Download and install the Sling Kong mod apk from the link here. 


Is Sling Kong free to play?

Ans: Yes, the Sling Kong mod apk is free to download and play. 

Can we play it on PC?

Ans: Mobile devices, as well as PCs, are compatible with this game.


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