Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk 5.9.1(Unlimited Money)

Have you ever wished to scare evil spirits? It seems ludicrous as the reverse is often true. Can you imagine what it would be like if you could teach someone a lesson? Thanks to its excellent gameplay, the Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk allows you the opportunity to make absurd pranks and tricks to scare the hell out of the horrible high school teacher.

Scary Teacher 3d Mod Apk Unlock All Chapter

Enjoy exploring the diverse environment and coming up with exciting ideas to prank the fierce neighbor teacher as you enjoy the game’s unique and refreshing gameplay. Get revenge on the woman by checking out her house and looking for ways to scare her to death. Play Scary Teacher 3D to the very end and get the last laugh.

We will gradually explore the features of this game but let’s first have a sharp glance at the story. 


Scary Teacher 3D uses funny gaming simulations to make Android gamers have lots of fun as they experience the horror of the evil teacher’s house. Discover the tigerish woman’s house, play some fun games, and play hilarious pranks on her.

Explore a variety of options for play and prank the teacher freely around the house. Make sure you move with care and think up ways to bypass the guards to ensure that you can get past them quickly. As the woman gets angry, watch her funny face when she walks right into your trapRelax and have fun while playing this thrilling game as a result.

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Features Of Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk:

The game boasts the following noteworthy features:

Easy To Play

Because of the simple controls, Android gamers will soon become accustomed to Scary Teacher 3D’s fascinating gameplay, which combines simulation and puzzle elements. Using the action buttons, you’ll be able to jump, dodge, and do whatever is necessary to stay away from the scary teacher.

As well as being very simple and easy to play, the in-game experience is also straightforward, it is as simple as obtaining objectives, getting the hint, and completing missions as you, and watching the angry teacher’s reaction. Although the game is highly challenging, it has hilarious moments coupled with stealth action gameplay that keep you hooked.

Wander Freely

Android gamers can immediately go on an adventure in Scary Teacher 3D with its open-world gameplay, including a huge house that can be freely explored. Take advantage of the unique environments by exploring all the different parts of the house, getting into other rooms, and making plans to play pranks on your friends. There are many more.

Get Several Items

During Scary Teacher 3D, you’ll have access to all the things you need to plan out a prank, including items from around the house that you can pick up. You are free to roam each level and find what you need. Think of ways to solve in-game challenges and employ your creativity. In addition, Scary Teacher 3D provides a tracking tool so that you can always see what the scary teacher is doing in case she moves toward you.

Numerous Mysteries

Gamers will discover 15 different gameplay experiences in Scary Teacher 3D’s massive house, with each room offering its unique gameplay. Have fun solving Scary Teacher 3D’s unique puzzles and dive into the game’s addictive in-game mysteries. A lot of fun with Scary Teacher 3D’s superb gameplay and experience these fantastic experiences.

Have Fun Playing

The new Scary Teacher 3D game mode offers hundreds of unique gaming experiences and one-of-a-kind game modes.

Taking on different in-game adventures offers different gameplay and storylines in the Scary Teacher 3D career mode. Learn how to deal with your enemies in different ways by exploring various missions. Explore dozens of other stories as part of the career gameplay.

The teaser mode allows you to frighten the cruel teacher with tons of different items immediately, so if you wish to do so right away, you can make use of it. As you try it all out in the teaser mode, throw cakes and scary creatures at her.

A new online multiplayer mode makes the game more enjoyable by allowing players to interact with each other simultaneously. Play online with your friends if you want to have even more fun.


In Scary Teacher 3D, you can play around and prank on the cruel teacher while you dive into the fantastic gameplay of horror and comedy. Prepare clever and creative solutions for her impulsive nature. 

Prank her for doing exciting things. You should find the game even more enjoyable now that it’s free and unlocked on our site. Download and install this mod version of Scary Teacher 3D mod apk from the link we have given here. 


Is this game free to play?

Ans: Yes, users can download and install Scary Teacher 3D mod apk free of cost.

How to download the mod version of this game?

Ans: To download the latest mod version you can click on the link we have provided here. 

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