Punch Hero MOD APK Download v1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

Punch Hero MOD APK belongs to the old generation’s games but is still top of the list. This game is a pure source of excitement and joy for its players. This game is developed by a well-reputed developers’ team Gamevil.

This is the latest mod version of this famous game. You will get unlock everything here. As we have mentioned above, this game belongs to the old generations game category; however, there are still not many changes in the latest version compared to its previous versions.

Punch Hero Mod Apk Latest Version

If you want to entertain yourself with some quality stuff, this game is the perfect gift. Its excellent environment and simple controls will never let you be bored.

You can understand very quickly that how to play this game. However, for more information about this game, keep on reading our article to the bottom.

How To Play Punch Hero Mod Apk?

Here you can get the chance to groom your personality and strengthen your body. Train yourself and acquire new punch skills to compete with other players. You will enjoy endlessly in the stunning 3D graphics environment; after playing once, you will become addicted to this punching game.

This game is much simpler in that there is no need to have a plot. You have to select a character, give it your favorite name, and start playing arcade mode. Isn’t it simple?

Here you will face 18 opponent players and fight against them. Once you defeat an enemy, you will get a new challenge to accomplish.

Your opponents will not come against you having different skills; however, they can give you challenging times. So, prepare yourself well to win the competition.

If we explore the arcade mode in-depth, you will face samurai, Soccer player, and pirate’s soul. All these characters have their unique style of fighting. So, you have to recognize which skill you should use against a particular player.

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Features Of Punch Hero APK MOD

Simple to Play

The game controls are pretty simple that you will quickly understand the whole environment of this game. Twenty-two total fighters against you have to play. You should have the potential to defeat them. 

Each of them will have some weak and strong points. So, try to figure out their weaknesses as well as strong points. In this way, you can utilize your skills more precisely. 

Attractive UI

The interface of this game is very charming. Once you start playing this game, you will forget to come out of this.

It’s that simple that even a kid can play this game. If you want to perform hooks, swipe left on the screen, and you are done. Similarly, tap on the screen for jabs and swipe up for uppercuts.

For further movements, you can move your phone in the left or right direction wherever you want. If your opponent knocked you down, quickly tap the screen to stand up again. 

In short, you only need to set a hand on the phone screen and focus your eyes. 

Real-life Boxing

This game consists of the best simulation of boxing techniques. If you look carefully, you will find how beautifully developers have added the option of slow down when you dodge a punch. 

Besides this, you will learn many real-life boxing skills. The boxing ring and other environments are pleasing. Everything here is genuine, as the sounds of punch and graphics, etc. This is undoubtedly a killer game for boxing lovers. 

Customize Character

After playing one or two levels, you may face more skilled and robust boxers. So, it would help if you upgraded your character to an advanced level. If you don’t do so, you may be ruined by other players. 

You can upgrade the defense: speed, HP, Mana, Attacking power, and other player skills.

Punch Hero MOD APK Download

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Game Mode

Punch hero consists of two game modes: single-player game mode and two players. There is a slight difference between both of these. If you are playing single-player mode, you can continue your game without internet connectivity. You can make progress even playing offline.

While if you select two players mode, you will face other players against you. So, you have to defeat all of them to get a high rank. This mode allows you to chat with other players. However, you will need an active WiFi connection to collaborate with your friends.

Suppose you are a beginner and don’t know anything about this game no need to worry. This game has the solution for this in the form of arcade mode. You can get started by playing this much simpler mode.

Infinite Cash and Gold

You may need to purchase items to upgrade your boxers and for other purposes. Now, You will need cash and gold as this is the mod version that we are exploring, so you don’t need to worry. You will get infinite money and gold. Later, earned cash will help you to make any purchase.

Why should you play this game?

You may be thinking, why should you play this game. Well, this game is so addictive that anyone would fall in love with it. There are numerous fighting challenges and missions which will appeal to you to continue your gaming journey. Further, there are many other fascinating things which you will like in this game.

Download and install this game on your phone from the download button given below without delay and start entertaining yourself!


Is it safe to play this mod version?

Ans: Yes, the mod version is 100% safe and legal to use.

Is this mod version work for a lifetime?

Ans: All mod features will work for a lifetime having various updates over time.

What’s new in the cracked version?

Ans: You will get everything unlocked here. Moreover, there is a bulk of unlimited money and cash waiting for you.

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