PC Creator MOD Apk Download v1.0.93 (Unlimited Money And Bitcoin)

You might have thought about how this PC was created? Our Pc Creator Mod APK is the answer to this question. This game falls under the simulation category.

Here, you act like a pc creator who is the owner of the store. You will learn a lot while playing this game. Moreover, this is not the only game. It will give you a lot of knowledge, technical and non-technical also.

No matter if you are a PC lover or not, you will love this game. In this mod version, you can get everything free. Let’s have a look at the unique features of this game.

Today we are living in the technology era. If we look back a few years, people had to communicate face to face physically. Moreover, if they wanted to record something, they had to use paper and pen. All those things were time-consuming. Nowadays, a tiny machine named the computer has changed the lives of people.
It has every necessary function in it. For example, you can calculate large numbers within a fraction of a second. Moreover, it can store trillions of library books in it.

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Free download PC Creator MOD Apk

Work on customer’s order

In this game, you will be allotted different tasks. By completing these tasks, you will earn unlimited money. As the name shows, you will be creating a PC. This game simulates every step from beginning to end.
You will be the owner of a PC-creating store. Many customers will come to your store and put their requirements in front of you.
You will work on the guidelines provided by the customers.
If you want to earn money and complete the task, you must work according to the customer’s specific needs. In short, customer satisfaction should be your priority.

Installation of operating system

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The relation between the hardware machine and the operating system is just like the link between soul and body. Both are useless without each other. However, in this game, there are many famous operating systems available. Like, Windows, Linux, and OS, etc.

If the customer asks for installing a specific operating system, you have to establish that operating system. Because if your system does not comply with your user’s needs, you cannot receive money.
Moreover, there are several anti-virus software and games available. So, you can install them on the pc if you want. But they are in limited number in the store. However, you can install them free when you want.

Build PC

It is not difficult to build a PC in this game. Believe me; even a school kid can make the pc. There is no such requirement to have in-depth technical knowledge about the computer and its components.
Moreover, there are many hardware components available that will help you to build the PC according to your budget. Those are RAM, CPU, cooling fan, etc. You can buy the needed parts from the store at any time. You need to click on the specific computer component which you need. This game will simulate the next procedure by itself. You don’t need to design it from the initial state.
Isn’t it easy to understand?

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Features Of PC Creator MOD Apk

Set PC case

When you build your PC, there will be a lot of dust around. You have to place your PC and other relevant gadgets inside the case to keep them clean and dust-free. In this mod version, there are many varieties of cases available. So, the player can select any of them as per his choice.

Collaborate with friends

In this game, you have the choice to play the game with your online friends. In this way, you can exchange gadgets with your friends. You can help them whenever they need it. Moreover, if you need any help or computer component, you can ask your friends for help.
Further, many manufacturers also conduct online tech contests. By participating in them, you can get a lot of rewards. Isn’t it cool?

Outstanding Graphics

The graphics in Pc Creator Mod APK are just beautiful. You will not be disappointed when you play this game. Most of the time quality of pictures is not so good in simulation games. But in this game, graphics are made of excellent quality for the player’s attraction.

Unlimited money and bitcoins

If you want to buy a computer, then you must have a lot of money. Because if you are passionate about buying new computers or upgrading the old ones, your passion will cost you a lot. But in this mod version, you don’t need to worry about money.
You will get unlimited money and bitcoins here.
So, you can buy a computer which you like without being worried about money. Moreover, you can sell computer components to other friends for real money if you want.

Simple controls

The gameplay is straightforward. You have to click on the component which you need. With the help of your finger touch, you can perform all the tasks. As this is a simulator game, everything is available on-screen. You have to act according to the given instructions.

Free shopping

In Pc Creator Mod APK, you can have access to all hardware and software components present in the closet free of cost. You can get any of them whenever you want.
In the original version, many gadgets are locked. So, you need to spend money to unlock them. But the mod version has solved your money problems.
Go ahead. Nothing can restrict you from doing your work according to your passion. Just download the mod version of this technical game and let the fun begin!

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We hope that we have covered everything which you need to understand this technical and informational game. However, if you face any difficulty don hesitate to write to us! Moreover, you can download this exciting game from the link given below.


Can we play this game offline?
Ans: Yes, this game supports offline play also.
Is it free of cost?
Ans: This game does not require you to spend a single penny on it. you can download and install it free of cost.
What did we get in the mod version?
Ans: In this Pc creator mod apk game, you can get unlimited money and free bitcoins.

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