My Cafe Mod Apk v2021.5.2 Download (Unlimited Coins)

Coffee shops that are often known as cafes are the best places to meet and greet friends and loved ones. In My Cafe Mod Apk, you will be playing the role of a manager. There will be a rush of customers all the time in the shop. So, you have to deal with the customers in a friendly way. This is another best simulation genre game where a player can learn many new things.

The coffee shop is a delightful business. Here you prefer to work in the crowd rather than sitting alone in a locked room. Being alone for many hours can cause depression for anybody. Instead of working in a lonely environment, you will have fun if you run a cafe.

In the beginning, you will be the only staff who will serve the customers and handle them politely. Because if you feel your people well, there will be more chances to get more customers, and your business will run on the road of ever-growing income.

My Cafe Mod Apk Free Download

In this game, the mesmerizing graphics and visualization are quite relaxing to work with having fun.

Here in this game, you will be provided with a kitchen and kitchen empires. You can cook food according to the customer’s needs by using kitchen equipment. When you take the orders, making the coffee and tea, you will manage things efficiently and quickly.

If you deal well with your customers and offer them items at reasonable prices, you will surely leave behind your competitors very soon. So, always try to earn an excellent reputation to get the regular customers at your shop.

This game consists of many adventurous features. But wait! Before taking an in-depth look at the features, let’s discuss the game’s story for better understandings.


In this game, you will be starting a coffee business from the initial state as you will be the only one on staff, so you will have to meet many challenges. Always try to find ways to take off your small business to the upper level. You can get enormous options of customization. So, by using them, you can make rapid progress in your industry.

Make your restaurant charming if you want your customers to come there. Because the clients will find the environment delighted, they will stick to it and revisit your shop.

You can build your customer’s trust by giving them importance. You can do this by discussing your ideas about the growth of your business. Give the customers chance to share their opinions also that how you can be a business tycoon.

Further, you can have the chance to meet with other cafe owners. You can invite senior café managers to your coffee shop to meet them and get information to run your café at the best level. Here we can say that this game is a perfect simulation model of fun and adventure in every aspect.

Features Of My Cafe Mod Apk :

Let’s explore the spellbound features of the fantastic cafe game.

Amazing Gameplay

In this game, players will be assigned a role of a girl whose name is Ann. Ann is very excited to start her business. Although it seems complicated to run a business like a coffee shop, Ann did not give up.

She is ready to open her cafe in the town regardless of the obstacles and hardships that she may have to face during her journey.

When you start working in a cafe, many customers will come there. All of them may have different choices. So, take the orders carefully. Moreover, here you should have an energetic and quicker enthusiasm to handle the orders in time.

If you may not complete the orders of customers within the given time frame, your customers will leave the shop in extreme anger. Moreover, your level will not get the rewards, and your level will stay constant.

This game is not restricted to cafes. If you keep working in an enlightened way and make rapid progress gradually, you can scall up your business to a restaurant. Your responsibilities will also increase in the restaurant as there will be more dishes that your customers can order.

As the variety of items got increases, you need to purchase new kitchen gadgets for work. Suppose if you have only one cake baking rack, but two customers place the order simultaneously, what will you do? You will be in trouble. So, to keep safe yourself from such a situation, you should buy new cake baking racks so that you may able to serve more than one customer on the go.

Chance To Show Your Creative Talent

Regardless of the cooking, this game lets you show your other talents by performing different activities here. Besides working with customers, you can work on the modification of the interior of the store also.

When you start the game, the size of the store will be minor. However, you can expand it further. If you build a glamorous store, you can get the attention of more customers.

To buy stuff for the renovation of the store you can buy the needed items from the shop. If you find that interior design is going up from you and having trouble keeping things in control, you can hire extra staff to do that work.

Listen To Customer’s Stories

When you have many customers in your café, this means you are shop is getting popular among the people. Here you have to keep the reputation maintain. So, try every single opportunity which can be helpful for your business.

You can sit with your customers and take their advice for the growth of your business. In this, they will have a feel of friendly behavior from you and will come again to your shop.

Collaborate With Global Players

You can play My café mod apk offline as well as online. But if you play this game online, you will get numerous chances to get plenty of rewards. You can use an online multiplayer mood to get in touch with your friends. This feature allows you to collaborate with other players all over the world.

Learn And Create New Recipes

As your business scall up to a restaurant, you can learn new recipes or try your taste buds by creating your recipes. So, keep on trying new recipes to get customers’ attention. Regardless of customers’ payment, you can earn more from your recipes if other people try them. So, the chances of making money will increase.

Free To Download

This mod version does not cost so anything. You can start polishing your skills without any worry. You only have to click on the given download button, and your downloading process will begin immediately free of cost.

New Updates In Mod Version:

  • Unlocked items
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Free shopping

Unlocked Items

In the original version, many items are locked. You can spend money to get them unlocked, or you have to pass through the challenging levels to reach a certain level where you can find the specific items. But all this will take a lot of coins and time.

In the mod app, you will find all the items in the store unlocked. So, you can pick up anything from there according to your need.

Unlimited Diamonds

This game lets you make unlimited money and diamonds by performing different mini activities. Besides fulfilling customer’s orders, you can take part in other contests also. However, if you complete the customer’s orders quickly, you can get more money and unlimited coins. So, try to make rapid progress to become a prominent restaurant owner in the town.

Excellent Quality Graphics

Any player who is playing this game can feel that it’s a real-life cafe. Here the graphics are of super fantastic quality so that you will do your work with excitement. The developers of this game amazingly simulated the working environment of a cafe. You can learn a lot of things here that can help you in your real life also.

No Interruption Of Ads

The mod version of this game contains no ads. So, a player can continue polishing the business without any interruption. If you are trying the original version of this game, you may have to face the pop-up ads on your phone screen.

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We hope you will find this game informative and helpful. Nothing can restrict you to become a master chef. So, download and install this café game without more wait. If you face any difficulty, you can ask us in the comment section. Please don’t forget t share this article with your friends.


How to download and install a mod version of this restaurant game?

Ans: You can download My Cafe Mod apk from the given link, and the installation process is as same as other apps on your phone.

Is this app ads-free?

Ans: Yes, the mod app does not have any ads that can interrupt your activities.

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