Mortal Kombat Mod Apk Download v3.2.1 (Unlimited Money)

Mortal Kombat MOD Apk is the top of the list fighting game of all time. There is its 10th and the latest version which we are going to explore today. You can have the idea of its popularity from the number of its downloads in the play store.

Some of you may have its previous versions also as we see this game popular since our childhood. This game is best for its stunning features. Moreover, you can play this game on all kinds of platforms like Windows, Play, and Xbox One.

You may be wondering why this game is famous to the extent that we are having its tenth variant now. Well, the reason is simple people love to play this game due to its simplicity. In the beginning, it was a single-mode game, but now it has reached to multimode level.

The current variant consists of many old as well as new fighting elements in it. The developers NetherRealm Studios worked hard for the best gameplay in this version like they did in previous versions. So, you will enjoy playing this fighting game.

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Mortal Kombat Mod Apk Latest Update

Now, you will see better graphics improved sounds, and many more features here. The gameplay is also quite exciting and satisfying.

We will take a look at the gameplay before discussing the features.


The gameplay of Mortal Kombat is similar to other fighting games. If you have ever tried any version of this game before, you will find it relatively easy to play. What will you do here? Well, here you will fight with your enemies and defeat them. However, you will have to do all this within your health limit.

Once you read the details of how you can control and customize your characters, you can play this game being a pro player.

As you keep on playing this thrilling game, you will understand how to defend the foe’s moves and attacks.

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Features Of Mortal Kombat MOD Apk

This latest version also consists of outstanding features like previous versions. Let’s explore them.


This game lets you play more than modes. There is single-player and multiplayer mode presented for you.

The single-player mode has four sub-modes. Those are training, story, versus, and arcade modes. Moreover, in arcade mode, you will meet the challenges to fight against opponents having much strength. This mode is also known as the arcade ladder. Playing against different players, you will gradually reach the level to meet the pro player eventual boss.

In training mode, you can train yourself for legend fight and learn new skills. If we talk about the multiplayer mode, you can choose to play against other players, king of the hill, and team battle.

3×3 Kombat

3×3 Kombat allows you to build your squad and lead your team members. Make sure to pick up three super-mighty warriors for your fighter squad. Later, you can customize and upgrade your heroes. As this is the latest version of this action game, you will see many thrills and surprises here.

Compete with other players

If someone wants to play other than 3×3 Kombat mode don’t worry! This game has brought fascinating options for its lovers. You can try solo mode if you’re going to play alone. However, you can challenge other players to fight in battles.

The player who wins the battle will be the champion of the game. So, don’t you think the winner should be you? Keep on playing like champions and leave behind opponents.

Stunning Graphics

In fighting games, the quality of graphics plays a significant role. Because the chances of the popularity of any game almost rely upon the visualization and user interface. The environment should be pleasant so that the players may not get bored.

Here, in the Mortal Kombat mod apk, the graphics are amazing. You will indeed feel yourself enjoying it here.

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What’s New In Mod Apk:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coins and skills
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Unlocked legend characters
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Unlimited Money

Money is the need of the hour in every game. So, you should have the money to buy different items in the store. Moreover, you may need money to unlock some fighters. In this mod apk, you can earn unlimited coins and skills by different means. So, stay on the track, keep on winning the competitions and become a champion!

Unlocked Legend Characters

In this thrilling fighting game, you will have a list of classy fighters. Some characters are the same as in the previous version. like, Kitana, Ermac, johnny, Kano, scorpion, Cage, Mileena, Raiden, Sonya Blade, and cage, etc

However, some are new fighters: Jacqui Briggs, Takeda Takashi, Kotal Kahn, Cassie Cage, etc. Moreover, there are some characters also which are downloadable you can download them if you want. As we are exploring the mod version so, here you can get all the legend characters unlocked.


Is this fighting game safe to install?

Ans: Yes, undoubtedly, this game is free from security threats. So, players can download and install this game without being worry.

Where to get the mod app link of this game?

Ans: If you want to play the mode version, you can download it from the link given here.

Is this game need any money to download?

Ans: No, this game is free of cost. You can download and install it without spending any money.


We hope that you will find our article helpful in your gaming journey. This game is much exciting. In the mod version, many modifications are done. The technical issues and other minor or major bugs are fixed. You can download the mod version from the link given below. Moreover, if you find any difficulty, ask us in the comment section.

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