Loopsie Mod Apk 5.1.9 (All Unlocked)

Why not consider something new to pictures when ordinary ones don’t appeal to many people? Among the newer categories for the film is cinemagraph, which combines photography and cinema. It is better to say that these photos are animated, and the application Loopsie Mod Apk will help users create them. Don’t expect boring images from this app, but rather something much more interesting.

Loopsie Mod Apk Download 2021

At the users’ disposal are a variety of premium and basic services. This modded file features a cinematography effect, which has been highly praised. Make use of it to get a fresh perspective on your edited products. To make your experience truly unforgettable, some new video effects have also been added. Many popular video editing tools do not offer these effects.

Features of Loopsie:

Take Stunning Motion & 3D Photos

Cinemagraphs can be produced using this application, which is very easy for users to use. A video shoot of about three seconds is required in order for the app to respond to the user. When the user completes this step, the app will automatically transfer the short video to the video editor after completing the final step. 

In this case, the user can either activate motion or freeze motion; he or she only has to decide which they prefer to use. Also, the last step is the one the user needs to perform, then the application will save and complete the process.

Develop A Cinemagraph

It is usually necessary to create a cinemagraph in order to market this, and there are several steps involved. As far as image editing software is concerned, users must have their own software to make it work. The instructions above are the only requirements for this application; users have to follow them.

Automatic Balancing

It is difficult for a person to balance a phone while recording a video. Therefore, even when I shoot a video, there are always errors, and there is no way of avoiding them. A professional cameraman is needed to record high-quality video, so the equipment needs to support the process. 

In contrast, this application does not require any additional devices for the user to use it. Due to the video being short, the app has an algorithm to balance automatically, as well as the fact that the video is not too long. As a result, users will be automatically balanced when recording videos with the application.

Integrated Camera

Additionally to the capability of editing photos, this application features a built-in camera. So that users can use it, the camera has been specially optimized for this application. With this device, users can create videos of full HD quality, and this camera is capable of creating a lot of quality videos.


Without effects, photos lose their special quality, and this application provides many effects for users to choose from. Users of Loops, the effect that creates cinema graphs, will probably be most popular. Additionally, users can create perfect pictures with other effects on the application.

Features of Loopsie Apk Mod

Let’s check the Loopsie mod apk.

  • Unlock all features
  • Free stickers 
  • No watermark
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Free to install
  • Ads-free
  • Safe to download
  • Free from virus
  • Autoupdate
  • No device rooting 
  • Compatible with PC, android, and tablets.

How To Download The Loopsie Mod Apk?

Follow the below-mentioned steps for Loopsie mod apk . 

  • Uninstall the original app from your device.
  • Click on the green button below for apk mod downloading.
  • Now go to your mobile security settings and enable the option unknown sources.
  • Wait for two seconds the apk file will install on your device.
  • After the installation is complete, enjoy your game.

What’s new?

  • All minor and big bugs are fixed.
  • Graphics are enhanced.
  • Improved performance.

Final words 

A powerful photo and video editing platform, Loopsie MOD APK is a must-have for every Android device. More than one million people have downloaded it from Google Play  Store. A number of online prominent platforms have also given it outstanding reviews. 

Further, it has been bestowed with a certified age rating of +3 years. As a result, minors won’t be affected by the photo-editing platform. This article has already described all the important standard and premium features. Would you like to know more? For more information, download the file!


What is a loopsie?

Ans: An immersive loopsie is a type of video content that is more interactive than a video. It’s a new format that falls somewhere between a picture and a video.

How can I select the moving and the still part?

Ans: It takes just a few seconds with a loopsie to navigate the video. In the tool, you can select two brush modes (motion/stills).

How can I shoot a good video setup?

Ans: Loopsie works in most setups, but you can make beautiful videos from some common video scenarios in loopsie. Videos of waterfalls, waterfalls, flames, seas, oceans and moving backgrounds are some examples of these scenarios.

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