Idle Army Base Mod Apk 1.25.0 (Unlimited Money)

Do you want to have an exciting army game installed on your phones? You have arrived at the right place. Idle Army Base Mod Apk is a game where you can access all the army activities. This game allows you to explore army base life closely.

There are many refreshing and charming activities inside the game. Once you start playing this game, you will be addicted to its fantastic gameplay. So, build an excellent army base which has never been seen before. 

You will have fun when playing with different military activities. After building the army base, you will have troops there. Guide your forces by performing various tasks.

Idle Army Base Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Excellent graphics and visualization will never let you be bored. Those who are fans of forces and have a passion for the military will find this game very impressive. 

As you keep on making progress, the chances of earning money will increase. So, you can expand your base and manage expenditures from that unlimited money.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that you will have to be super-fast to handle all the activities as there is no chance to sit idle in the base.

Let’s start exploring this simulation game from its gameplay.

How to Play Idle Army Base Apk Mod

In this game, the player will be managing the tasks of a military base. Moreover, as a player, you will go through different exciting activities. The game starts with the construction of an army base from scratch. 

After that, you will train your armed forces for different missions. Training may contain various tasks. For example, you will prepare your troops to work as a team and pay attention to their physical fitness. 

There are many in-game activities which you will perform. After completing every task, you will get a certain number of coins. You can spend these coins to purchase different items for your base. Try to recruit as many troops as you can in your base to make your force stronger.

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Features Of Idle Army Base Mod Apk

Army Training Courses

When you recruit the troops, there will be many unique activities to participate in and have fun. You can start the training of your troops by taking them to the ground. Order them to create the workout.

Ask your army to run sweat pouring races along with pushups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and jumps to keep themselves healthy. Keep working on your troops and earn unlimited gems.

There are different courses for diverse characters in which troops can enroll. There are almost nine courses to participate in.

Obstacle Training

This training will keep fit the troops mentally as well as physically. So, train them through different kinds of obstacles to make them emotionally healthy.

When they pass through obstacles or jump over walls, this will take their fitness to another level. You can also test their abilities by conducting test contests against other troops.

Forest Combat

In this course, troops are prepared to tackle the situation if they have to face the jungle war. After getting training in this course, forces will be able to compete with enemies in exciting action.

Naval Fights

Sometimes troops have to overcome the attack of enemies by diving into seawater. So, naval fight training is also necessary for them. This kind of contest is always inspirational and adventurous.

Arctic Wars

Arctic wars training can take the troops to another level of action. Here the fighters will feel like they are taking part in realistic frozen simulations. This could be the most challenging situation than others as here you will have to deal with enemies in cold weather and save the lives of troops.

Urban Conflict

Soldiers may encounter a challenging situation when they have to fight in urban areas as there is a population. So, they have to make sure not to harm humans living there. Besides this, this is the responsibility of troops to defeat opponents. So, train them in a way so that they can calmly handle such a situation.

Desert Fights

It could be a difficult thing to bear sunlight in the desert and walking on the burning sand. Soldiers should have prepared themselves at an extreme level to handle if they ever come across such a situation. 

Organic Wars

Your army should be aware of how to play with chemicals because chemicals can help destroy the enemies by using gases and other kinds of organic stuff.

Besides the benefits of using chemicals, your troops should have intense training to use them being super careful.

Deal with Heavy Machine Guns

When we look into weapon training, there are not only small pistols. Soldiers may have to handle heavy machine guns as well. So, train them well for this.

Heavy Weaponry

Troops will also get training in handling heavy weaponry during the fights. So, they will have fun playing with heavy weapons and tanks, etc.

Face Challenges

Troops have to face enormous challenges after training to deal with. You can enjoy and have fun by completing in-game challenges. As much as you accomplish the tasks, you will get more gems and money. So, keep on playing and get the bulk of rewards.

Upgrade Military Camp

When you have earned money by completing many missions and defeating your opponent’s, it’s time to upgrade your army base to an advanced level. You can enhance the capabilities of your soldiers and make them healthy. So, unlock the new options to use in the upgrade process.

Unlimited Money

In this mod version of this game, everything is unlocked for players. Further, you can get unlimited money and gems by different means. You can spend money to buy new weapons and other needed items.

Free to Play

This cracked version is free of cost. So, you don’t have to pay for the premium features of the mod version. Without any hesitation, you can download and install this game on your devices.


It isn’t delightful when you see the ads popping up on the screen repeatedly during the game. In the original version, you have to bear this interruption. 

But here in the mod version, there is no need to worry about annoying ads. The mod version of this game is ads-free. So, you can keep on playing this thrilling game without any interruption. 

Offline Play

Suppose you don’t have an active internet connection no need to worry because an idle army base mod app can be played offline. So, you can continue your activities without any interruption.

Free Shopping

There are numerous items in the game store that you can buy to customize your troops’ appearance. In the original version, many of the premium items are locked. 

If you want to get them unlocked, you may have to spend money. But here in the mod version, you can access all items free of cost.

Final Words

We hope now you have all the necessary information about this game at the end of our discussion. The fans of army games will enjoy playing this game. Download this game without any delay and start your thrilling journey. If you have any suggestions or you face any difficulty, ask us in the comment section.


Can we play this game on PC with the help of any android emulator?

Ans: Yes, you can play this game on PC by using an android emulator like Bluestacks or NOX.

Is this action game free to play?

Ans: This game does not require you to pay a single penny. So, you can play it anytime for free.

Is this an online game?

Ans: This game is supported online as well as offline. So, you don’t have to have an internet connection.

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