Hunter Assassin MOD APK Download v1.32.3 (Unlimited Diamond)

In Hunter Assassin MOD APK, your enemies have much more upgraded weapons. You have a knife to fight with them. In real life, it is scary to even think about the fight with upgraded enemies. But by using the right statics and skill, you can even destroy your enemies.

The ruby game studio was founded in 2018, and they develop only 4 games. Their first game is Hunter Assassin mod apk. Although the ruby games developers are new in the gaming world still they got fame from the players.

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Features Of Hunter Assassin MOD APK

Below mentioned are some of the exciting features of the hunter assassin game.

  • Simple action game
  • Extremely simple control
  • A variety of levels with different hurdles
  • Powerful character up-gradation
  • Different challenges and achievements
  • Online and offline gameplay
  • Bonus levels in rewards
  • Free game 

The Gameplay

The hunter assassin is one of the best addictive action games. All you need in his game is to maintain your patience and thick wits. Your enemies have guns and flashlights. If they detect you in their flashlight, they will shoot you at the spot. Now, what do you want to do? Do you want to finish them with your knife? Do you want to run away because of your death fear? It all depends on you.

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 The simple and quick controls of this game make it more attractive and enjoyable. But its effortless control does not show that the game is quite simple. Many difficult and drivers challenges in this game put you in big trouble. The higher level you go, the number of your enemies will increase more. 

Invisible assassin

The invisible assassin is perfect if you want to win the game. It does not mean that your enemies can’t see you or you will become completely invisible. It suggests killing your enemies without being detected. Its key is the night darkness in which you can silently finish your enemies.

To win the game, you have to save your life points. At every time of your discovery, there will be a deduction of your life point. But if your points reach 0, you will lose the game. Moreover, it is not necessary to save all your life points. You can also use them to pass a tricky and difficult level.

Unlimited diamonds

When you defeat your enemy as a reward, you will receive some diamonds. These diamonds will make you strong and help you to buy new upgraded tools, skills and also unlock the new assassins. The new assassins with upgraded skills are important to pass the difficult levels. It depends on your tactics whether you would like to use a high-speed character or a good stamina character?

The character system of this game is very attractive. You can not only make your appearance impressive, but you can increase your strength and speed in comparison to the game’s original character.


This game is set on a big construction site. The exciting part of this game is that at its construction site, a gang operates all their activities and makes plans. This big place is like a maze with a barrel and wooden walls. You have to stay alert in this game because you are everywhere with guns in your hands. The missions of this game are not easy, but you can pass them only when you have a knife and gun in your hand. To defeat your enemy in silence, it is better to act at night. In the night darkness and as a lone assassin, you can defeat your enemy perfectly.


It is simple with normal graphics. The game graphics are not too high quality. The graphics make this game boring sometimes. This game can be made more enjoyable by hanging its enemies and characters. It contains only one background that is the enemy’s area. But this game is the best one for gamers to enjoy on their low-end android devices.

The background is always the enemy’s area with many winding corners. It is quite monotonous, and sometimes can make players feel bored. The only things that change are probably the characters and enemies. But, joy sometimes comes from the simplest of things.

Features of MOD APK version of Hunter Assassin

 In the hunter assassin mod apk version, you will get the below-mentioned things

  1. Unlimited diamonds.
  2. All premium characters will be unlocked.
  3. All ads will remove
  4. Vip free membership will be unlocked 

By downloading the apk versions, all the premium characters and VIP features of the games are unlocked. 

Download Hunter Assassin MOD APK for Android

To enjoy the hunter assassin game more, you can easily download its apk version from here. Just click the above button given below and make your game more interesting. 

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If you are thinking about what’s new in this game so here we will tell you about all its latest updates.

Now it has new levels that make it more exciting and enjoyable.

Moreover, to maintain your interest, the developer fixed all the bugs and made it faster.


In this article, we guide you about the hunter assassin mod apk. Now you can download it in just a few seconds and enjoy the game more. Still, if you have any confusion about this game or its apk mod feel free to ask us in the comment sections. Besides, give your feedback in the comment section and share the article with your friends.

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