Homescapes Mod Apk Download v4.7.2 Unlimited Stars And Coins

Simulation games are the best because they can help us learn a lot about life and how we live it. Games of this type are excellent, but have you ever imagined a game for a billion gamers, covering simulations, casual games, and puzzle games alike? If your answer is No, then I recommend Homescapes Mod Apk, a good game for Android designed with high-quality scripts that can take you to another world. 

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Homescapes Free Lives

To start with, let’s take a look at the game itself; Homescapes is an addictive mobile game available on Android and iOS devices. Island Builder and Candy Crush are both included in their versatile nature. Candy games, such as candy crush levels, are required here to rebuild the cast’s house.

Because we don’t want you to waste your time or energy, we modified the official game to contain infinite resources to rebuild the house instantly without even wasting time. Here it is; click on the bottom-most download button to bless the application with your unique gaming style.


This game begins with our beloved Austin dreaming of his childhood and traveling. His life was filled with moments like these; he would never forget them, no matter what.  In addition to this, you can find in the game a variety of interesting tasks that allow players to do more than just simulate for a short period.

Your Austin will help you reconnect with your youth and meet interesting people while exploring the fun and fascinating stories in the game. It’s your home, so decorate it as you wish, change the internal designs, and discover the secrets that have been hidden for decades. The game will be sure to succeed when it is informal and quiet.

Homescapes Mod Apk Features:

Below are a few of the coolest features of the game:

Rebuild House

The android game Homescapes is designed for skilled players looking for a challenging puzzle game. Each genre is represented individually in this work. At the same time, Homescapes can make you feel intelligent, casual, and strategic. The game is also trusted by over 100 Million gamers worldwide, so you will not face any issues before downloading it.

A glance at the gameplay reveals a simple interface containing a beautiful house interior filled with dust and items from ancient times, such as telephones, chairs, beds, and utensils. As for the puzzle, the gaming interface will allow you to either play the escaping mini-game or play the Candy-Crush-style puzzle game to solve the candies and collect stars.

Stunning Graphics

The graphics of Homescapes games are one of its best features which make everyone feel refreshed and enthusiastic. Animated characters make up the gameplay of Homescapes. Moreover, you’ll also be blown away by the voice effects in the game, making this a unique Playrix creation. So you can enjoy this game entirely without ever getting bored, even if you’re in fifth grade or 60 years old.

We have modified Homescapes so you can have more fun and enjoy your playing time if you wish, and our hard-working team has done an excellent job. The following sections provide you with the option to download the game if you’re stuck in the middle of the challenging levels or want to play it. Have fun!

Bring the house back to life

You can get the Homescapes MOD APK by clicking the following link and downloading it at zero cost. This game offers you comprehensive features such as unlimited resources and no ads at all. You can also download the Homescapes game if you want to see all the rooms and the exterior world. A highly compatible Android game, it works smoothly on any smartphone, no matter how big or small it is.

All Rooms Unlocked

Playing Homescapes means you have access to all kinds of homes, rooms, and scenery. Additionally, Homescapes’ central goal is to provide you with a realistic experience. For one home to be unlocked, you’ll need to finish enormous tasks and unlock every asset. You need not struggle so much if you have access to an option like Homespaces MOD APK. It’s a fantastic version that leaves each room unlocked from the start, and downloading this version is extremely straightforward.

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Unlimited Puzzle Boosters

Like all android games, Homescapes includes a currency called coins that can be acquired through in-app purchases. These coins allow you to purchase various home assets without needing stars, which will make the game more manageable. The coins are tough to earn, but they are still precious. It will be easier for you to solve puzzles after installing the Homescapes MOD APK since you’ll get endless coins. Why not get started now? Get unlimited puzzle game boosters and spend unlimited Money by downloading it right now.

Get Unlimited Stars

It is impossible to complete all tasks when using the Homescapes MOD APK without even completing the puzzles. The challenging levels will annoy you if you download the official game. So go ahead and download the Homescapes MOD APK since you can skip all levels and get unlimited stars by using these infinite stars. Start the puzzle, and you’ll find all kinds of new things to experience in the outside world!!

Endless Lives

The Homescapes game has prominent similarities with Candy Crush, such as puzzles, boosters, add-ons, and the Candy Rainbow with Rocket World exclusive. Likewise, the Homescapes game also utilizes lives, where you can only solve the puzzles if you have those lives. The lives must be gained by waiting. Do you want to bypass it as well? With the help of eternal lives, you can play unlimited with Homescapes MOD APK, even after you lose infinite lives.

Mod Features

  • Having unlimited Money
  • Countless Stars
  • No Annoying Ads


What are the steps to earn free lives and coins in Homescapes?

Ans: The latest Homescapes Mod Apk allows you to get unlimited lives and coins. There is a free download of the guide on our website.

Is Homescapes Mod Apk safe?

Ans: As our apk does not require rooting your device, it is safe to install. This will ensure the safety of your Android device.


If you’re bored, Homescapes MOD APK is the perfect choice for you. You’ll be able to access infinite resources and live indefinitely with it because it supports all smartphones. Aside from that, it’s a free, ad-free game that allows for uninterrupted gameplay. Download Homescapes MOD APK and solve puzzles without wasting real Money!!

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