Geometry Dash Mod Apk V2.111 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Are you searching for a way to download Geometry Dash Mod Apk for free? You’ve come to the right place because today, I will share a fully unlocked version of Geometry Dash. To reach the game’s highest level, jump, flip, and fly yourself through various obstacles. You can play lots of challenging levels and entertain yourself in your free time with Geometry Dash, the most addictive jump and flight game on the market. By tapping continuously on your smartphone screen, you must guide your Character away from difficult obstacles.

Geometry Dash Apk Latest Version 2021

This game has the unique feature of allowing you to create your levels. You could make your level if you’re tired of regular ones. This rhythm-based platformer is all about jumping over hazards and flying through dangers. The obstacles must be jumped over and passed over. In this music-based game, the player must control an icon and navigate through levels by avoiding obstacles that might damage the icon.

Initially, there were seven levels in the game. There are 21 levels in the game now, but it has a fantastic feature that allows players to create their custom courses, which they can then share online for others to play. This has resulted in more than 66 million custom levels being available to users. The game content also includes a few user-made stories besides the 21 official ones. A simple one-touch game, it can keep you engrossed for hours, thanks to the challenging levels.

Features Of Geometry Dash Mod Apk:

Be in tune with your rhythm

This game offers a combination of Flappy Bird and Mario gameplay, but that is not all. A rhythmic soundtrack will accompany every action you take in the game. You’re dancing with your Character as well as playing the game.

 Fun and challenging levels

As you play longer, you will find it to be increasingly difficult. It’s not easy to dance to hip-hop beats in the upcoming levels if you compare them early. On the other hand, the game’s unique and addictive gameplay makes it fun to experience simultaneously. With the game, you’ll have many good times.

Soundtracks for different levels

In each level, the obstacles will be positioned differently as the setups transition. Various obstacles will also stand in your way. To match the changes, the gameplay needs to be more aggressive, and the soundtrack needs to be different.

Use your creativity to edit

Geometry Dash’s level editor is perfect for those who like to create stuff. Create your level by making alterations and adding new features of your own. The developer has also provided hundreds of different customization options to help you create a story as unique and fun as possible. Additionally, once you have completed your level, you can share it online for others to download to also experience the same thing. To make the game more enjoyable, you can also download content uploaded by other users.

Free Character customization 

Different changes can be made to your characters to make the game more refreshing. Costumes can be changed so that they resemble certain characters. It can also be changed by giving them different gears and completely changing how they work. The game even lets you create a rocket-riding cube for your in-game Character. Wouldn’t that be cool? As well as changing the Character’s color, you can change the level’s theme. Add icons to make them easier to recognize.

Practice your skills in practice mode

To be recognized as a master, one must constantly practice their skills. Likewise, you do as well. Players can join the Practice mode in Geometry Dash to learn how to play the game and get better at it. The way includes all the available levels from the main game. Thus, you might be able to practice the complicated tricks to get through them more easily.

Obtain achievements to earn rewards

Some achievements enable you to earn in-game boosts, such as customizations, or earn in-game rewards. You can always try and accomplish new things as well as take on new challenges. Getting a new car might be within your reach when you finish them.

Everything Free

You don’t have to purchase anything in Geometry Dash. Spending enough time playing the game will earn you every collectible item. Consequently, the game becomes pretty balanced since the dedicated players tend to get better rewards.

Share your progress with friends

If you want to compare your progress with those of your friends playing the game, you can log in with your social network account. If you wish, you can check how you compare against players from all over the world by checking your position in the global ranking system.

Unlimited access  free

This game is a paid one, even though there are no in-app purchases. Therefore, you will need to spend some money to have it downloaded to your devices. Our team has created a mod version with all features available for unlimited use. The game will be completely free to you at the same time. Download the Geometry Dash APK from our website, install it on your Android device, and you can play the game.

Awesome Graphics

Colorful rectangular shapes dominate the art style in the game. You even start with a cube with eyes and a mouth. In this way, players of any age can enjoy and participate in the game. The simplicity of the graphics also makes the game easier to run, allowing it to be played on old devices.


In addition to using matching soundtracks, the game offers more challenging levels. Each soundtrack in Geometry Dash is unique, so there are hundreds of options for you to play.

Our Verdict

RobTop Games has developed Geometry Dash Apk, which gives players the feel of space action battles while exploring the galaxy and taking on alien armies. A few of the features of the game include background scores, 2D graphics, and the thrill of flying the aircraft that have made it one of the most downloaded space-action-thriller games. Gamers can enjoy their Android devices, whether it is a smartphone or other Android device. Don’t let this planet die.


What are the steps involved in downloading Geometry Dash mods?

Ans: The downloaded file can be downloaded, installed, and played by clicking the given download link.

How do geometry dash mods work?

Ans: Using a directly downloadable and installable file, you can get all the premium features for free, as it is a modified version of the game

The mobile version of geometry dash is free?

Ans: Yes, both Android and iOS users can download the basic limited version of Geometry Dash. Geometry Dash Mod APK can be downloaded from our site for free, or you can pay to access the premium features.

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