Filmorago Mod Apk 6.1.0 (Unlocked All)

Videos are the most viral ways to engage the audience. If you want to get the attention of viewers, you should have a well-edited video. To edit videos on your smartphone, Filmorago Mod Apk, a video editor for FaceBook, and Youtube can be the best choice for you. After editing your captured videos, you can upload them to social media accounts. 

Filmorago Mod Apk Download

If you want to determine the popularity of this app, look at the number of downloads on the play store. This is one of the top-ranked video editing apps.  You can enjoy editing videos conveniently on a smartphone instead of sitting in front of a PC. 

It has many features that are helpful to create short videos to upload on YouTube, Facebook, and other social accounts. Let’s see first how it works. 

How Does FilmoraGo Mod Apk work?

It’s pretty hectic to record video with a camera and then edit on PC to make it perfect. To avoid this hassle, you can use your smartphone. Use the FilmoraGo app to record videos and make them worth seeing. 

 It is not wrong to say that this app is a better alternative video editing app than others like KIneMaster etc. it can be the best app installed on your phone to edit videos. This app consists of a simple interface hence easy to use. 

 You can capture, record, and share videos all at once with this app. Keep yourself socialized by sharing edited videos instantly. Besides this, FilmoraGo does not require any additional requirements on your phone. It can be used on any android device having RAM up to 3GB. 

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Features Of Filmorago Mod Apk:

FilmoraGo has many features that make this app unique. 

Easy to Use

This app consists of simple and easy functions so that you can easily understand how it works. FilmoraGo has quick and easy video editing options. Whenever you want to edit any video on your phone, open up this app and do your work conveniently. 

You only have to open filmoraGo, select photos and videos that you need to edit, and apply the effects that you like. After applying all the outcomes that you want, select the export option to save the video on your phone. Further, It is less time-consuming when you edit video in this app. So, save your time and money by using this free video editing app.

Quickly Import Images and Videos

Hundreds of features are helpful for video editing; however, best of all is that when you import videos or images, it takes no time. You can upload content from different sources within a matter of seconds. Importing media is possible from your phone gallery or directly from any social media account like Facebook or Instagram. Feel free to explore the stunning features of this app. 

Easy Operations

You will forget to use any other video editing app once you enter into the world of easy-to-operate features of the FilmoraGo. Moreover, there are many built-in templates that you can choose to make your videos shine. Within just a few taps, you can make a professional video. 

Unlimited Effects

The best of all features this app offers is several video editing features for android users. By utilizing these features, one can be a pro video editor without any charges. You will ultimately fall in love with this app. 

Users can make videos playing in reverse mode. In this, your video will look like magic. Moreover, if you want to make any part of the video slow down, you can use the slow-motion feature. When you apply these time effects to your videos, you will get excellent results. 

There are plenty of other options to use, like transitions. Using transitions, zoom, go up, go down, circles, rectangles, and many more, you can create an excellent video. Explore the exciting features of this video editing app and have fun. 

Video Customization

This app lets you edit videos at a professional level from standard video editing. So, you can create great content by adding incredible effects to your videos.

Start playing with several available video editing options and get exciting results. You can add effects like emojis and text to your video. The text further includes different font sizes and styles. Besides this, you can use animated titles also. Feel free to use other customization options like text, animations, and motion graphics. 

Profession Tools

Along with all other features, this app includes professional tools to edit your video. By using them, you can create a full-fledged professional video to use on any social media account. 

Utilize several available options including, duration trimming, cropping clips, and many more. Further, If you want to add some items twice, copy them and duplicate them anywhere in the video. Moreover, you can mute certain parts of the video if needed. Lastly, if you want to get rid of any unwanted parts, delete them. 

Add Music to Videos

FilmoraGo lets you add your favorite music to the videos. You can upload music from your phone gallery or download it from the internet within this app. Besides this. FilmoraGo’s built-in music library has a vast collection of songs in it. If you want, you can select music from it also. 

Fast Rendering

When you think you are done with all the editing effects that you need, it’s time to export to render the video to your phone. FilmoraGo does not take much time to export video. So, within a few seconds, you are all set to share your creative video anywhere you want. 

Multiple Languages

For the convenience of users, developers of this app added multiple languages. So, if you are not a native English speaker or required to add text in any other language, you can pick up your desired language. This app supports languages like English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, etc. In short, this app has everything in it that a video editor may require. 

Mod Features

FilmoraGo mod apk has everything unlocked. This is free to use so that you can make professional videos conveniently. Besides this, there are no ads so that nothing can interrupt your creativity. In this mod app, you have access to all the features. Moreover, you can export videos in 1080P resolution without the app’s watermark. Isn’t it incredible?


We are summarizing our discussion here, hoping that you will enjoy working on this app. There is no doubt that it is enough to fulfill your video editing needs. Moreover, you can download the FilmoraGo mod apk latest version from the link given here on our site. If you have any problem using this video editor or need any help, we can assist you in every possible way. 


Where can I get a mod version of FilmoraGo?

Ans: You are almost reached your searched place. We have shared a link to the mod app here. So, you can get the app by clicking on this link. 

Is it possible to render videos without watermarks in FilmoraGo?

Ans: In order to export videos without a watermark, you have to use the FilmoraGo Mod Apk. 

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