Criminal Case MOD Apk Download v2.36.4 (Unlimited Energy)

When the mysterious and adventure words come to mind, Criminal Case MOD Apk best describes them. This game shows how the police investigate the murder cases and how the culprit is caught.

As long as you keep on playing this game, it will increase your curiosity about going forward. 

Well, all of us sometimes must have pondered upon how can a detective be able to recognize the murderer? How he searches the evidence and other helping material to solve the mystery of the guilty? Here is one more question that may arise in your mind that what will you be doing in this game? You will get the answer to all your questions when you start playing this game. 

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MOD Apk of Criminal Case – Unlimited Money & Cash & Stars Hint

The chief will assign you the role of detective. And you will have to find out the guilty in any case. Police will get assistance from you and can decrease the number of murder cases in the town. So, if you are fond of facing critical and dreadful situations, you should play this game.

In the original app, several features are limited. But we share the mod version. That’s why you can get unlimited energy, unlimited money, and unlimited everything.

 I know you are becoming curious and want to know more about this adventure game. So, let’s take a sharp look at what is inside this game.

Features Of Criminal Case MOD Apk:

All Cases Unlocked

This game will give you different cases which you have to solve. In the original version, you can get on new cases when you complete the previous one. No matter if you are stuck anywhere or have any other problem. The only way to go to the next case is to solve the previous case.

 But this is the cracked version, so all the cases are unlocked from the beginning. If you get stuck anywhere, you can skip the case and move to the next level.

Boundless Time

You will be finding evidence about the murderer in the town. So, you have to go through multiple crime scenes. Searching for clues and evidence should be done within a given time limit. Here this is not a worry for you because you can get an unlimited time limit.

Unlimited Hints

A list of suspicious things will be displayed at the bottom of the screen you have to find at the particular crime scene. When you click on any item, you can see a preview of that item to be straightforward for you to find that thing.

In case you cannot find something and need some help, you can refer to your assistant. In the bottom right corner, there is a circle-shaped hints bar for you. But if we talk about the original app, the hints are available in a limited number.

However, in this version, you can get hints as much as you need because it gives you the facility of unlimited hints. 

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Modify Detective Appearance

Many things are available which can be used to customize your look. You can change the badge on your uniform. The detective can change the hair also. There are multiple skin colors available. So, you can pick any of them. It’s not ending here. Many other things are also helpful to give grace to your personality.

Unfortunately, you cannot have access to all the gadgets from the beginning. You will be bound to earn the defined amount of money or reach higher levels to get these items.

You don’t need to worry because you are playing the mod version, so all the things are free and unlocked for you. 

Awesome Graphics and Sounds

The graphics and visualization in this game are stunning. You will feel like all the characters and the environment are real. The siren of police vans and other alerts are pleasant. Exciting sounds will not let you be bored. When you search for evidence in crime scenes, the quality of items is clear, so you can easily find them.

Get assistance from other People

When you start working on the given murder case, you will not handle that case alone. There will be many other characters who will be doing different types of jobs. All of them can help you to find the suspect.

As you don’t know who the killer is, you may feel suspect more than one person. So, you have to talk with them and your assistant and report their views. After investigating all the suspects, you will be able to find the actual killer easily. 

Investigate Different Crime Scenes

There will be many crime scenes in the town that you have to explore to find clues about the guilty. You will surely enjoy playing these full of thrill crime scenes. The best thing here is that crime scenes are hundreds in number. So, you can have fun starting your searching journey from any of them. 

In a native app, some cases are unlocked. So, you have to unlock them first then you can find evidence from them. But here, you can find all the crime scenes unlocked.

Inspect the evidence

Once you have collected enough evidence, which you think can be helpful to catch the killer. The next step you will follow is to take all the clues to a lab to get the exact result. The lab man will give you the result after examining the clues and pieces of evidence that you have gathered.

Detect the Guilty

Here you are just a step away from detecting the killer as you have collected the evidence and examined them. So, now you can catch the guilty based upon the evidence and investigation report.

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What’s New in the Mod version:

Unlimited Stars and Energy

What will you get in new updates of the mod version? If you look into the original app when you play different crime scenes, the energy bar keeps decreasing. And gradually, it will come to an end soon. But in the criminal case mod apk, you can get unlimited stars and energy. So, the bar of energy will remain full all time. Nothing can interrupt your investigation, keep on working, and detect the guilty.


Besides the main case, there are many other mini-games available. So, you can play other games. All the mini-games are also exciting and thrilling.

Play with friends

This game allows you to collaborate with your friends and play this game with them by using online servers. You can work as a team with your friends over the globe. Different designations can be assigned to you and your friend. So, in this way, you can enjoy playing this game at a higher level of enjoyment.

Save the Progress

You can have the choice to save your progress of the game by logging in with social accounts. This game lets you connect with Facebook. So, if somehow you want to play this game on another device than your regular one. You can log in with your Facebook account and continue playing where you have left off the game.

Offline play

This game is the best to play online. Because if you play it online, the chance of getting rewards will be more. However, if you don’t have internet access for some time, you can also play it offline.

Download The MOD Latest Version Of Criminal Case Apk

The criminal case is totally free to play. So, you can download its latest mod version from the link given below. Moreover, you can play this game on android or PC.

We hope you can easily play this adventurous game; however, if you have any queries, please reach us! And please don’t forget to share this game with your loved ones.

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