Cover Fire Mod Apk Download v1.21.5 (Unlimited Gold)

Shooting games are always fun and interesting to play. Whenever you feel bored, the Cover Fire MOD Apk is the best shooting game for you to entertain yourself. This is one of the top-ranked simulation games.

Suppose you have played any shooting game before. You are probably aware that each game contains different characters. And also, every game has a different storyline. However, after playing this shooting game, you will realize that this is the best and challenging shooting than others.

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Cover Fire Mod APK facilities

This game has plenty of elegant and unique features. When you start this game, you will find yourself on the fence of the thrilling action world. 

This game is pretty easy and simple to play. If you don’t have deep knowledge about using guns and other weapons, you should go for this shooting game. Because this is straightforward hence an interesting and thrilling game, let’s see the storyline of this game.


When you start this game, you will enter into the magical world. In that thrilling world, a force named Tetracorp is trying to get over the planet. On the other hand, you will have a defense force. So, with the help of the army, you will make efforts to fight against your enemies.

You need to make your own strategies to restrict your foes away from your planet. There are many difficult missions that you have to accomplish. So, you will need a massive collection of advanced weapons to resolve the issue.

Everything in this game seems realistic. Suppose you have ever played any shooting game before. You may be aware that 3D touch is playing an extremely vital role in shooting games.

Here is a good thing for you. This game has the feature of 3D touch. To aim at your enemy accurately, you can use the easy and simple operations of this game.

Best Features Of Cover Fire Mod Apk :

Let’s explore the stunning features of this best shooting game.

Unlimited Top-Class Weapons

Weapons are the first and foremost thing to have when you start playing a shooting game. You will need advanced guns to fight against your enemies because they have many kinds of weapons. So, if you want to defeat your enemies, you must have weapons to compete with evil forces.

In this mod version, you can access all necessary guns and other defensive weapons free of cost. All the weapons are unlocked here. 

3D Simulation Battlefields

Battlefields in this game are a realistic simulation. So, when you will play this game and shoot your enemies, you will find yourself a real fighting soldier. This 3D simulation will give you an exciting thrill and curiosity about going ahead.

This realistic imaginary world will never let you be bored. You will find yourself at the highest level of action and entertainment.

MOD Version Cover Fire Apk- Offline play

If you have played one of the famous shooting games, PUBG, or have knowledge about the gameplay, you can easily play it. This game is pretty similar to the PUBG game.

Both games are pretty challenging. However, there are different considerable features in both games.

In this game, you don’t need to have an internet connection. Because the cover fire mod apk is supported offline, this game offers you many adventurous and thrilling missions to complete. So, you should have good command over the weapons.

Exciting Sounds And Graphics

When you shoot your enemies, the sounds produced by the fire and bullets are just stunning. This thing will mesmerize you. And excite you to find more opposite men and shoot them.

Moreover, the graphics here are awesome. All the weapons and scenery around look realistic. This realistic visualization gives you great enjoyment.

20+ Characters

The Tetracorp force is increasing rapidly on the planet. So, this is the need of the hour to overcome this issue. Therefore, you will need a team of armed forces to eradicate the enemies.

More than 20 characters will go hand in hand with you on the battlefield as you are the leader of your team. 

So, you should have to devise a good plan to defeat your opponent. All the characters are unlocked on this battlefield. Therefore, you can get help from everyone.

Cover Fire MOD Apk Free Shopping

Here you can customize the appearance of the characters by purchasing gadgets and necessary items from the store. In the original version, most of the items are locked. 

You have to purchase premium items, or you have to reach upper levels to get them unlocked. But in the cracked app, you can get all the premium items unlocked.

Simple Controls

Game controls are pretty much simple. You only need to know how to operate the guns and other weapons. Moreover, you can move your gun left or right by tilting your phone. 

Online Tournaments

This game lets you earn plenty of rewards. There are many online competitions. You can participate in the contests to get unlimited gold and energy, which will help you complete your missions.

Moreover, you can also get in touch with your friends by using this game’s online forum.

What’s Added In The MOD Version:

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited energy
  • Unlocked characters

Unlimited Gold And Money

In this mod version, you can get many chances to earn unlimited gold and money. Later on, you can use the earned money to purchase items from the store. Further, you can refill energy with the help of gold and money.

Moreover, you can buy guns and other weapons. Gold is the finest money in this game. In the mod app, you will get a limitless amount of gold. So, nothing can restrict you from killing your enemies.

Download Cover Fire MOD Apk

This game is best to play when you feel bored and stressed. IOS and Android devices support cover fire. Moreover, this game does not require much space. This thrilling action game will never disappoint you from any perspective. Click on the button below to start the downloading process of this best shooting game. 

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Can we play this game offline?

Ans: Yes, you can play this game offline as well as online as per your convenience.

Which devices this game supports?

Ans: This game supports IOS and android devices. However, you can also play on pc by using android emulators.

What’s new in the cracked version?

Ans: Here is the cover fire mod apk latest version. You can get unlimited gold and money. Moreover, all the weapons are unlocked in the mod app.

Final Thoughts

We have tried our best to keep things simple and give you all the required information about this game. So, take control of this game and enjoy it. Don’t forget to invite your global friends to play this thrilling game. If you face any difficulty in any aspect, do not forget to contact us!

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