Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk 1.195.6 Download (Unlimited Lives)

Game Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk is never old because its developer King consistently updates and adds the necessary features to keep players interested. It is also pretty apparent that the publisher has released many different variations of Candy Crush, making it more appealing to players and bringing in more revenue and installments for them. Among the first branches of the Game, Candy Crush Soda Saga is still one of the most popular games ever created.

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Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk Unlimited Gold Bars

Its transformations are truly remarkable, even if it is a match-3 game. Because the gameplay is simple, it is possible for the story itself to be enjoyed. The lands that you pass through have a variety of themes. Effects and boosters are also part of that theme. 

Candy Crush combines sweet candies and sodas to bring you a whole new experience filled with adventure. Take part in entertaining yet straightforward level-solving puzzles within the game. Every level of this game offers a different type of gameplay. In addition, a series of games and activities will allow you to compete with friends and other online players.


In case you weren’t aware, it’s merely a matching game. You need to match and swap the bottle icons together to accomplish this. There are many different colored bottles with different designs. All primary colors are displayed at the beginning of the game and have no particular function.

The game will become increasingly bizarre over time as more and more different colors will appear in the bottles, bringing you experiences you have never seen before in games of the same genre. While earning special rewards, you’ll have fun in the various game modes. If you wish, you can play against your friends or other online players by using online multiplayer mode. 


We will explore the fascinating features of the Candy Crush saga that make this game popular, among others. 

Awesome Gameplay

Candy Crush Soda Saga provides players with a simple, straightforward, and addictive gameplay that makes it easy for them to get familiar with the game. You must meet specific requirements to advance from one level to the next, following the general match-three rules. The easy gameplay will get you hooked on the insane levels later on as you take on the early levels. You will need some practice to master this fun and straightforward gameplay.

Multiple Game Modes

Among Candy Crush’s game modes, there are a number of intriguing ones. It will also become more enjoyable to play the game as you progress.


 Set the Candy Bears free as you take on the challenging ice levels to explore the fantasy world of the frosted world. While smashing the ices around them, try to match the candies. Then, make sure the bears can move freely by removing all the ice.


As you take on the Soda challenges to save the Candy Bears, you will get to enjoy the fantastic gameplay of Candy Crush. Changing bottles and selecting suitable candies together will also release our purple soda.


Jam mode offers several interesting levels if you are a fan of sweets. By matching the right-colored candies, you can spread jam effectively on the boards. By completing your tasks, you can progress to the next level.


The unique and refreshing gameplay of Honeycomb lets you match the right candies in order to free the ensnared bears while having fun.

1000+ Puzzle Levels

The game also provides players with an assortment of intriguing levels that require them to solve puzzles. For Android users, the game has lots of exciting requirements and challenges them. As you explore the juicy new worlds with a refreshing map and level setup, you will have the chance to compete in more than 3000 levels of match-three gameplay. In addition, explore many adventures that introduce you to new people. With Episode Race, Social Bingo, and more, you can experience a unique and exciting gaming experience.

Make Combos 

In addition, if you’re interested, the unique candies and the addictive match-three levels will make sure you enjoy the game to the fullest. You can earn epic scores by combining candy chains. For example, the original Candy Crush Soda gameplay lets you create Swedish Fish by matching four candies, Coloring Candy by matching seven candies, and many other standard boosters.

Play By Logging In With Your Facebook Account 

The game allows gamers to connect their social accounts and unlock some exciting features to maximize their enjoyment of the game. Join your friends and a community of gamers around the world by competing on the Leaderboard. To beat your opponents, you must score the highest in each level. Furthermore, you’ll be able to save your game online if you connect your social account with the game.  With the online cloud saves, your game progress will always be synchronized across multiple devices and never be lost.

Unlimited Rewards

There are plenty of attractive daily rewards to collect as you play the game, which is excellent for those interested. While you keep track of your daily progress, have the prizes stack up. Furthermore, you can participate in various events on different occasions in the game, which is very exciting.

Game Updates

King has just updated its latest version to allow us to listen to it on Google Play, so players can continue reading or listening to new episodes! During the game, players will embark on a complex, challenging, but full of the fun journey so that you won’t have to watch new screens as much because you’ll be going through the patient, longest stages. The prospect of receiving your favorite new filters will make you excited. 

The new levels come along with new stories. This game presents challenges that are so difficult that skilled players are the only ones who can overcome them. There are also brand new characters, so you can rest assured! Their character additions will be of great help in overcoming the new heaven they have added.

Free Premium Features

It is still a freemium title, so you may find the irritating ads and so forth quite bothersome. Thus, our modified version of the game, which features utterly unlocked gameplay, would be a much better option for you. With this mod, you’ll have unlimited money, ad-free experiences, and all kinds of valuable features. The Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod APK can be downloaded and installed from here.

Final Verdict

Likely, fans of Candy Crush Saga, Toy Blast, and similar games will find this new Game from King quite enjoyable as well. With your favorite match-three games, you can play whenever you like while enjoying new gameplay. With all the fantastic features that Candy Crush Soda offers, and since it is entirely free, you will find that it is a game you will enjoy playing. So, get Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod APK from here by clicking on the download button, and play this great puzzle game.


Where to get the download source of this amazing puzzle game?

Ans: You can click on the download button presented on our site to get this game free. 

What is new in the mod version?

Ans: All the premium features that need money to unlock in the original app are free here in the mod version.

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