Best way to find a job in Canada

Many people searching for a job in Canada find themselves helpless despite a good education, degree, and language proficiency. However, many outsiders go to Canada after being selected for a job or when they get a 100% confirmation letter.

But the problem arises when someone living in Canada, unfortunately, loses the job he had or happens to enter Canada being jobless. This is really pathetic if you don’t have a 24/7 guide with you to help you with everything you have to do. 

To help the masses in searching for suitable jobs based on their education, skills, or experience, we are here going to give them a comprehensive guideline in this article.

Go through the full article if you want to know how to search for a job, apply for it, and respond to all official contacts. Read till the end to have the solution to the problem you are facing at any step and we strongly hope you will get the one for sure. 

1. Social Insurance Number SIN:

For every resident in Canada, whether he is a citizen, a permanent resident, or a temporary visitor, the SIN is a must. Any of the above can apply for a SIN number if he is older than 12 years. This is a nine digits work permit and gives you all the rights of Canadian Land and is characteristic of every person.

The number varies from person to person and is never supposed to be shared with anyone. So after you land in Canada for a job, you must apply for your SIN number on an urgent basis. 

2. Search Websites for Authentic Information:

The person looking for a job must search for websites that show authentic information regarding the jobs in Canada. Here is some detail:

  • For searching the resume template or looking for a professional’s service to make you a perfect resume you may check out Immigrant- service organizations. They may also look for job training offered for jobless employees on this website. 
  • Job Bank is the service that takes users to the career information related to their job.
  • Service Canada is the best website to search and apply for a new job in Canada according to your aptitude.
  • has the best jobs to apply for in Federal Public Service. 

3. Read Newspapers:

The newspapers are the print media that collect over 90 percent of job advertisements. In fact, there is always a separate job section for people searching for jobs every day from lots of companies. So you are supposed to go to the bookstall every day to read newspapers and scan them for the job you are looking for.


Google Career Canada | Google Career manager Jobs

Google Career Canada | Google Career manager Jobs

4. Explore the institutes you want to work with.

Every institute and company has now grown up to have a page or own website, and thus advertise the job vacancies they are having every year. So you must scroll the pages and check the Facebook accounts of companies to see if something new added up. 

5. Ask your contacts:

The important thing here is to draw contacts first. In an odd environment, you have a very limited social life so you have a very minor number of people to ask for references or jobs.

Therefore, you should first make contacts by joining public events, building birthday invitations, or saying hello to your neighbors while you go in and out. Then the second step is to let them search for apt employment for you. 

6. Hire an agency:

Moreover, if you are kind of an introvert and feel so hesitant to ask; you then need to spend some money to make the working agency search for a job for you. They not only will get you one but will help you cover any stage before joining the job like application, transport, interviews, etc. 

7. Attend Job Fairs:

There are expos by famous industrial and commercial companies in public halls, or places to let the common people know how they can search for jobs. You are highly suggested to attend job fairs to know how you may get the best job for yourself in Canada.

8. Call institutions and companies’ Heads:

You must be courageous enough to call the owners of companies directly and ask if they had any vacancies to employ workers. This may prove very beneficial for you because owners who do not have vacancies may refer you to a workplace that has one. 

9. Apply for the job:

The next stage is the application. Make sure you are eligible for the job and have all the requirements, documents, and accessories the company is asking for. Plus you must have a radiant CV or Resume to make your first impression very impulsive. 

10. Attend the interview:

After the application, you can wait for the interview call or mail. Then if you receive the one, you must courteously reply to them with a reply of “thanks”. After you receive a confirmed interview you must avail it in time. Try to look the best version of yourself and reflect your confident personality there in the interview.

11. Try networking on Electronic Media:

Networking is the principal task you should do after or before the interview. It can help you have the best packages or user interfaces with companies. 

12. Try to help others with your skills for free:

If you want someone’s help then you must be selfless for others and be open-minded and open-hearted while helping others because this may one day return to you.

Also, this may also play a key role in selecting the right career through conversations with people you trust. 

13. Apply for alternative jobs:

Even if you applied for a most demanding employee, you are advised to have an alternative as well. So search in Canadian companies with arable cover letters and resumes by considering some substitutes seriously. 

Final Words:

So this was the list of essential tips one should follow while searching for the best job in Canada. Remember the jobs are for any of three persons: the one with the education, the one with skills, or one with experience.

Before you apply for a job, you must analyze yourself so that you may not get disappointed in the wrong place. 

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