American Family Looking for a Housemaid in Dubai

America is a liberal country as compared to the UAE ( Dubai) with lots of facilities. Dubai as compared to America is a far-restricted country and puts a lot of restrictions on foreigners. It is a Muslim state and exhibits Arabic culture and laws. Requiring Housemaid in Dubai.

This is why foreigners while carrying the prohibited stuff with them are often arrested on the way and are taken through strict rules. The foreigners especially the Americans cannot carry alcohol, cannot consume it, cannot have a sexual relationship open, or dress openly.

Plus the Americans face trouble speaking a different language in a strange land so what they find the best for them is to have a bilingual or multilingual servant. The servants serve as good communication between them and society and also help them conceive all the rules and regulations in the state.

So many American families look up to housemaids when they need them. So we are going to highlight such a job where an American family needs a housemaid on the joining time for more than one month.

Let’s see the family details and the job descriptions associated with this:

  • Job: Housemaid or Domestic helper
  • Job Status: full time
  • Location: Dubai ( UAE) 
  • Weather Conditions: Hot 
  • Salary: 828 to 1091 US dollars
  • Accommodation: on the Family
  • Paid Leaves: Can be adjusted

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Job Description:

1 : Family Introduction :

The American Family is itself a neutral family with 2 children. One is for one year and the other is 3 years old and both are boys. There are two adult family members who are the father and mother of the children. They do have a pet, like all American Families,  living with them all the time. 

2: Housemaid’s features :

What they want their housemaid to be is the courteous, humble, and tolerant lady who can manage to have the load of the full house along with taking care of the children.

3: Tasks to do :

The expected duties of the nanny the family wants to hire are listed below:

  • A very humble and tolerate nature
  • A playful nature of playing with kids during playtime.
  • Housekeeping and doing all the domestic tasks from cleansing to changing.
  • Bathing and getting kids ready for school
  • Managing the healthy meal three times a day for kids and parents
  • Drive children to school and shopping and play areas
  • Drive parents to the workplaces 
  • Checking all the appointments for kids in school and taking care of their events accordingly
  • Making sure the kids are participating in sports and having a good performance there
  • Babysitting kids for a few hours is from 6:45 morning to 9:00 at night.
  • Maintaining the children’s good health and taking them to the doctor when they get sick.
  • Lots of love and care expressions to children as a Loving nanny

4: Visa requirement :

The family wants the housemaid to have a visa to the USA since they all love to travel. They spend summers and all vacations off to their grandparents in America. As the nanny has to perform duties accordingly also when they are traveling so she must have a USA visa. 

5: Languages :

The housemaid the American family is looking for must be bilingual to understand two languages: Arabic and fluent English. Even if the maid can speak English, she is acceptable.

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6: Childcare Skills:

The lady must know childcare skills besides having housekeeping. The loving housemaid should know the following skills with full experience:

  • Baby care: handling a baby and nursing him with huge care
  • Toddlers care
  • Cooking various meals
  • Driving vehicles like motorbikes, cycles, and golf carts
  • Teaching both children 
  • Children room management
  • Giving good time to children while playing 
  • Getting different games to play for kids according to their interests 

7: Cooking :

The housemaid must know how to cook the following meals for the American family:

  1. French
  2. Thai
  3. Italian
  4. Veg meals

8: Other Skills :

The Housemaid must be proficient enough to:

  1. Use computer
  2. Have  Driving license
  3. Sewing clothes for kids and adults
  4. Swimming 

Swimming must be the key skill that the housemaid must know. Even if she does not know when she must agree to attend the swimming classes for a few weeks, the classes would be paid for by the family. This is actually for the kids since they love swimming and playing in the pool.  

Final Words:

Besides all the characteristics that have been mounted here, the housemaid must have the general qualities of a good human. This includes personal cleanliness, smartness, and tidiness all the time.

Plus the housekeeper should be honest, truthful, and polite with the guests, children, and all the staff. So these were all the key points for guidance and don’t forget to have a work permit in Dubai before applying for the job.

The link is given and you may apply there if you find yourself eligible. 

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